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Longer Term Plans

Ongoing, unassigned and nice-to-have stuff.

  • Use glib where appropriate. Lets us get rid of some homebrew stuff.
  • Fundamental datatypes (now using UT_int and friends). Alternatively we could also use stdint.h defined types.
  • String functions.
  • Glib directory walking, instead of non-portable scandir.
  • GModule, that would allow for moving most of the plugin loading to XP land.
  • XP option parsing using GOption, a preliminary patch is in bugzilla, needs finishing and testing.
  • Timers, not sure if that works without using a glib mainloop, though.
  • Finish porting all dialogs to use libglade.
  • Use GNU toolchain for all platforms. Apparently Win32 is almost there, problems wrt treatment of .rc2 files remain. MarcMaurer seems to have an initial patch from FrancisJamesFranklin.
  • Use cairo on all platforms. Tentatively scheduled for 2.8.
  • Factor out the rich-text editing part into a standalone library/widget. Work on that has started in the 2.5 dev cycle (gtk-only) but more effort will be needed. Possibly this lets us get rid of the af/wp separation. All of src/text, most of src/af and some of src/wp would need to go into the library. \\

Maybe plugins need to be split as well, filters and math,goffice should plug into the library/widget while most other stuff (collab, wikipedia, google ...) should plug into the abiword app.


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