Re: [Fwd: garage Project Approved] Discussion of AbiWord on Maemo role

From: Robert Staudinger <>
Date: Mon Jan 14 2008 - 17:13:52 CET

On Jan 14, 2008 4:34 PM, Ryan Pavlik <> wrote:


> I think the first thing that should be done is that an abiword-pkg
> module should be created in SVN and the src/pkg/maemo stuff should be
> transferred from AbiSource to the Garage repository in some way
> maintaining full history. I see Rob has posted instructions - it seems
> like to follow those we would have to move stuff around in AbiWord SVN
> first. I'm not a SVN master, so I'd prefer that someone else with more
> experience handle this part so I don't break anything.

That initial step is not strictly needed, you can just fetch the subtree using:
git-svn clone svn+ssh://

- Rob
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