Re: [Fwd: garage Project Approved] Discussion of AbiWord on Maemo role

From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Mon Jan 14 2008 - 16:45:19 CET

>> maybe a good idea is move the current code from src/pkg/maemo to this
>> project;
>> and use the others svn repository like abiword, lib wv, ... with
>> externals, for avoid duplicate the code.
> That is my plan at the moment - simply move the packaging out of the
> main source tree, similar to how other distributions handle their
> packaging outside of our tree. Basically, get the /debian directory
> outside, and then also document the build process. I'd like to get the
> packaging to the point where it can be updated and handled in the
> "Normal Debian Way" (TM). We might also consider maintaining packaging
> for less-common dependencies (new libgsf, enchant, etc)
>> what you think?
> I think the first thing that should be done is that an abiword-pkg
> module should be created in SVN and the src/pkg/maemo stuff should be
> transferred from AbiSource to the Garage repository in some way
> maintaining full history. I see Rob has posted instructions - it seems
> like to follow those we would have to move stuff around in AbiWord SVN
> first. I'm not a SVN master, so I'd prefer that someone else with more
> experience handle this part so I don't break anything.
Sorry for replying to myself, but I just saw this on the Maemo list:
It's what Nokia uses for building their packages inside of Scratchbox.
If we could get our packaging to the point where we could use this,
there may be some benefits.
>> BR
>> Renato
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Ryan Pavlik
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