*** Guide-to-Links ***

WV is used to attach the wall to the head-verb of the sentence. The goal of WV is to make the correspondance between link-grammar and traditional dependency grammars more concrete. WV always makes a cycle with the W link, which identifies the subject.

       |        |     |
   LEFT-WALL  this   is an example 

WV attaches to the head, rather than to any auxiliary verbs:

       |        |      |      |
   LEFT-WALL  this   could   be an example

       |        |     |     |      |    | 
   LEFT-WALL  this   is   going   to   be an example

See also the CV link, for connecting to head-verbs of clauses, the IV link for connecting to the head-verb of infinitive clauses and the AF link for connecting to adjectival complements. Sometimes, the B link can play a similar role for relative clauses (and the R link being analogous to the W link):

          |    |     |         |
     the dog   I    had     chased was black 

See also the CP link, which connects to quotation and paraphrasing verbs, as does Eq link and COq link.

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