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TI is used for titles like "president" and "chairman", which can be used in certain circumstances without a determiner: after the preposition "as" or after verbs liked "name" or "elect".

   +--TI--+-Mp---+               |
   |      |      |               |
   As president of the company, it is my decision

             |        |
   She was named president of the company
There are special dictionary entries for the no-determiner usage of these nouns:
  president.i chairman.i: {@M+} & (BI- or (Xd- & Xc+ & MX-) or TI-);
As this expression shows, such nouns can also be complements of "be" ("She is president of the company"), using BI-; and they can also form comma expressions modifying a noun ("Jane Smith, president of the company, ..."), using MX-.

See also: AZ, EZ, VC, Z.

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