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MJ connects prepositions and other post-nominal modifiers to the word "and" to create a conjoined prepositional phrase.

                       |      +MJlj+-MJrj-+    +--Ds-+
                       |      |    |      |    |     |
      it is hidden somewhere in or.j-m near.p the house.n 
In the above example, the MJ links join the prepositions "in" and "near" to the central cordinator "or". The "or" acts as a head-word, connecting as if it were a preposition itself: joining with an M link to the modified noun/adverb on the left, and a J link to the prepositional object on the right.

The subtypes MJl, MJr, standing for "left" and "right", are used to maintain sequential ordering. The MJ*j subtype is used to conjoin individual prepostions, the MJ*p subtype is used to conjoin entire prepositional phrases, and the MJ*a subtype is used to conjoin post-nominal adjectives. Thus, for example, the MJ*p subtype jopins together the phrases "in the yard" together with "near the house", to form a single prepositional phrase that is connected with an M link back to the modified adverb:

                       |      +------MJlp-----+                  
                       |      +---Js---+      |      +----Js----+
                       |      |  +--Ds-+      +-MJrp-+    +--Ds-+
                       |      |  |     |      |      |    |     |
      it is hidden somewhere in the yard.n or.j-m near.p the house.n 

The MJ*a link is used to connect post-nominal adjectival modifiers:

              |    +------Xd-----+              +---Js---+    |
              |    |     +--MJla-+--MJra--+-MVp-+  +--Ds-+    |
              |    |     |       |        |     |  |     |    |
      the tanker.n , aflame.a and.j-m adrift.a on the ocean.s , soon sank

See also the conjunction overview.

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