*** Guide-to-Links ***
GN is a link, always carrying a cost of 2, used in expressions 
where proper nouns are introduced by a common noun, with or
without a determiner:

   |     +-A--+     +--G--+----S----+
   |     |    |     |     |         |
  The famous actor Eddie Murphy attended the event
 	     Actor Eddie Murphy attended the event

The proper noun (or the last in a series of proper noun words
- see G) is the head of the expression, making an S, O, or J
connection to the rest of the sentence. On common nouns, GN+
is fully disjoined with the main "S+ or O-..." complex and all
the connectors for post-noun modifiers; but it is conjoined
with the @A- connector (for adjectives), as shown by the first
example above, as well as the @AN-, for pre-noun noun
modifiers ("The adventure movie actor Eddie Murphy").  As for
determiners, nouns in this situation can take a definite or
possessive determiner ("My friend Jane") but not an indefinite
one ("*An actor Joe Smith"); therefore we use the DD link.
This yields:

dog: {@AN-} & {@A-} & ((D- & {@M+}... & (S+ or O- or J-...)) 
or (DD- & GN+))

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