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EF is used to connect the word "enough" to adjectives and adverbs.

            |   +-EF-+
            |   |    |
	He is good enough
                +--EF-+      |
                |     |      |
      He is a good enough player	

In this case, the word "enough" expresses the degree of the
adjective or adverb, similar to preceding adjectival adverbs
like "very", which use EA+.  Moreover, "enough" cannot be
combined with such a preceding adverb: "He is very good
enough". Therefore EF+ on adjectives and adverbs must be 
disjoined with EA-:

	good: {EA- or EF+} & (A+ or Pa- or ...)
        quickly: {EE- or EF+} & (CO+ or MVa- or ...)

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