Re: Progress of Maemo Port - Future of src/pkg directory

From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Fri Jan 11 2008 - 21:29:05 CET

Robert Staudinger wrote:
> On Jan 11, 2008 4:58 PM, Ryan Pavlik <> wrote:
>> I just did that a few hours ago - (for
>> "AbiWord, Internet Tablet Edition"). Sorry for the delay in
>> notification - I haven't heard back yet on the approval status.
> Sounds good.
> So we can do away with abiword´s src/pkg directory then, right?
> - Rob
Not entirely, but I see that perhaps we're on the way to a consensus
like that. (Don't delete anything yet!) We still need a place for the
Windows packaging, though, as well as Mac, though I haven't the foggiest
idea how Mac builds work to begin with (I know there is/used to be a
separate CVS module).

This would be a good topic to discuss. If we do this, I think we should
make an effort to reach out to the downstream maintainers and see how we
can operate better with them.


Ryan Pavlik
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