Re: Crossbuilding AbiWord for Win32

From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 2008 - 02:34:53 CET

Dominic Lachowicz wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
>> I see we are now using Enchant everywhere (it shows up as a dependency)
>> - is this a conscious choice? It will require that Aspell and an aspell
>> dict be installed on Windows, unless we can get it to use the
>> ispell/"abispell" stuff we're packaging for 2.6 and prior.
> This is false. Aspell is not a hard-and-fast dependency of Enchant on
> any platform.
> By default, Enchant will build an Ispell and a Myspell backend, which
> in turn have no outside dependencies that aren't already required by
> Enchant itself. I've taken *great* pain so that Enchant's dictionaries
> are relocatable and configurable on Windows. Integrating with
> pre-existing AbiWord dictionaries (if this is a goal) should be a
> matter of:
> 1) Packaging
> or
> 2) Setting some registry keys
> And I'm happy to discuss how to do this with you sometime.
> Cheers,
> Dom
Sorry for the mis-statement: I was operating based on the experience
I've had with other Windows open source products with spell checkers and
a foggy (false) recollection from the past. I think there are options
to consider here and it's probably too early to make a decision - I can
see that I don't have the necessary experience at the moment to make an
educated decision. It would be good to know the benefits and drawbacks
of the various approaches: Ispell, Myspell, external Aspell, etc.
Flexibility is good, and I know that Enchant has brought tons of
flexibility to the *nix platforms, so I'm pleased to see that Windows
can now join the party of shared code. :D

I'm glad to hear of the decision decisions necessary to support Windows
elegantly - I appreciate it. I'll see if I can catch you on IRC
sometime so we can discuss this in a real-time manner. I'll summarize
for the mailing list after then.

Thanks again!


Ryan Pavlik
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