Two Proposals (inter-related)

From: Ryan Pavlik <>
Date: Thu Jan 10 2008 - 00:13:23 CET

Hey folks! I have two proposals, both with the object of getting 2.6.0
out the door and building some momentum and energy. I know that we've
been blocked on a couple issues (legal and code), and that some of the
block has been on Windows. Right now, I see two Windows blockers:

1. Math crashes anytime you try to use it. This is a sticky bug
that I've been debugging on and off with Martin's help. As it is, Math
is unusable on Windows. As much as it pains me to say it, Math is
probably not a top-used feature, esp. on Windows. In December, we had
*139601 downloads of Abi 2.4.6 on Windows, **18171 of the tools plugins
(which is required for math), and the separately-downloaded (by the
installer) dependency required for Math doesn't even make the chart.
Source: At this
point, the greater good might be served by releasing without Math on
Windows (we haven't had Math on Mac in a while sadly) and fixing this by
2.6.1 or 2.6.2.*

2. Removing/disconnecting an active AbiCollab account (without actually
quitting the app to do so) crashes. This one is not
such a big deal, I think - certainly not ideal but it's a sticky one to
debug. (Any assistance is certainly appreciated!) In 2.5.2, I used a
temporary patch to simply disable the buttons/actions that crash. I'd
be willing to do the same for 2.6.0, with a goal of fixing it by 2.6.1
or 2.6.2

I have a couple other inquiries regarding the release, but I'll start
separate threads for those. In both cases, I'd love for some assistance
in the debugging and such. The latest build instructions are at for the
2.6 tree, and they are pretty easy to follow, I'd hope. If you find an
inaccuracy, needed clarification, or problem, please let me know - I've
test them well but I've also done this enough that I have habits.



Ryan Pavlik
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