Re: GSoC07: buildsys merged

From: <>
Date: Sun Jan 06 2008 - 07:17:55 CET

> On Jan 5, 2008 7:08 AM, <> wrote:
>> I am operating without the benefit of a SVN client, a fast-enough VMWare
>> install of Windows, or a threading mail client, so please excuse the
>> poor
>> research of this question.
>> Does this mean we have only one svn module now?
> One for abiword, one for abiword-extras (templates and stuff), one for
> abiword-docs.
>> abi is no longer a peer of abiword-plugins?
> The abiword-plugins svn module is deprecated. Plugin sources have been
> migrated to the abiword module.
>> How badly will the diving make be broken now?
> Diving make has been removed, the goal is to build using the same
> infrastructure on all platforms. Using the new buildsys you can also
> build the win32 release on linux, an increasingly popular practice
> among gtk related projects.
>> I hope this is in TRUNK and not backported? (Not really a question -
>> more like a
>> prayer if I am to get 2.6 whipped in to shape on Windows in any
>> reasonable
>> amount of time.)
> It is trunk only, I would not recommend backporting.
>> How quickly do I need to run to the computer store and get the parts to
>> fix my main computer?
> There is no need for any immediate action from your side. Letīs have
> the dust settle a bit and iron out the remaining crincles.
> Best,
> Rob

OK, thanks for the concise answers. Then, let this serve as fair warning
to all:
NIGHTLY BUILDS of svn trunk are hereby broken until likely after 2.6 is
released. I am very close to having a 2.6 nightly build, which should
make you feel better about yourself. :D

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