GSoC07: buildsys merged

From: Robert Staudinger <>
Date: Fri Jan 04 2008 - 14:56:59 CET


hereby I present you libabiword-builder, buildsys branch, <insert
spiffy name here>, the (step)mother of all recursive build systems.

Disclaimer: everything above this paragraph is purely editorial.

Readers of the abiword commits mailing list will already have noticed
that the new abiword build-system has been merged earlier today.
Everyone else please see above. The new build-system has been
developed as Google Summer of Code (R) (TM) (C) (W) project [1].
Guiding principles in the design and implementation have been (in
random order, thus numbered):
(1) Earn me my holiday through GSoC.
(2) Facilitate portable build for libabiword, using libtool.
(3) Get the tree ready for cross building.
(4) Get rid of some cruft so it will be easier to build abiword/gtk on
non *nix platforms some day.
(5) Merge the plugins into the main tree, so infrastructure can be shared.
(6) The genius of is hard to grasp, I never understood it,
so it had to be replaced.
Some things might break. I'll try to be around and fix them.

May I close by quoting Dom: "Autotools is the worst build system for
C[++], except for all the others".

[1] For the uninitiated, (W) stands for Whatever.

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